How to Connect a New Apple TV Remote to Your Apple TV

Say you got a brand new Apple TV remote, like the 2021 Siri Remote, that you need to connect to your Apple TV. How do you get them connected? It’s actually pretty straight forward, but I’m going to walk you through it anyway.

1: Turn on the Apple TV and make sure you can see the Home screen on the TV.

2: As soon as you press a button on the remote, the Apple TV can detect that, and will throw a prompt in the top right hand corner of the screen asking you to bring the remote closer to the screen for it to connect.

The Apple TV Pairing Remote Prompt.  The text reads "Pairing Remote.  Bring it closer to your Apple TV to continue pairing."

3: You can then tap the Remote on or leave it next to the Apple TV box, and within a few seconds the Remote will start working.


Now that said, if you’re having problems getting it to connect, here are a few things to check first.

1: Charge the Remote. While the Remotes should come with 50%-75% of a charge, they can lose charge over time. So charge the Remote by connecting it to a Lightning cable, and then into a USB port or wall charger and give it a few minutes.

2: Update the Apple TV. When Apple released the new 2021 Siri Remote, you could use it on existing Apple TV’s via a software patch, and this may be the case for you. To check that you have the latest updates, go to the Settings app, go down to System, hit “Software Updates”, and then hit “Check for Updates”. Then let your Apple TV update and reboot if it hasn’t already.

3: Manually re-sync the remote. Sometimes you just have to make the TV manually see the remote.

  • If you need to do this on the latest Siri Remote, hold down the back button (<) and the Volume Up (+) button at the same time for 6 seconds, then you should see a prompt in the top right hand corner to bring your Remote next to the Apple TV to sync.
  • If you’re using the earlier black Apple TV Remote, you’ll need to hold the “Menu” button and Volume Up (+) at the same time for 6 seconds, then bring the remote close to the TV box to sync it when prompt.


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  2. Thank you for this information. I was trying to help my 78 year old father pair a new remote over the phone. You saved me a lot of frustration.

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