How to Change Twitter for Mac’s 3D icon back to a 2D icon

One of, if not the most, popular Twitter clients on the Mac is Twitter for Mac (formerly known as Tweetie). But along the way it has had some aesthetic changes that a lot of people have mixed feelings about, especially the 3D icon that the app uses. A lot of people like the old 2D style icon or the iOS version of it and use another program like CandyBar to do it. But did you know that Twitter comes with the old 2D icons built in? I found that out by accident, so I made this video showing you how to do it.

You can find Twitter for Mac in the Mac App Store.

App of the Week: MailTabs for Mail

Screenshot of MailTabs 0.6

When it comes to the web versus a client, I prefer to get my email in a mail client, I’ve done it on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there are many advantages to it. Mac comes with a simple, yet powerful mail client called Mail (also referred to as Mac Mail and One of things that always bugged me about Mail compared to other mail clients, like Thunderbird, is the lack of a better message opening feature. Normally in Mail, double clicking on a message or RSS story would open up a whole dedicated window to the message, which clutters up the screen. Compare that to clients like Thunderbird, which can bring up a whole new tab for the message without cluttering up the screen. How do you fix that? You can switch to another client, or use MailTabs for Mail instead.

MailTabs is a plugin for your Mac that adds tabs within Mail itself. Now when you go to compose a new message, check an article in your RSS feed in Mail, or want to read a message in a larger screen, it will open it in a brand new tab rather than a pop up window. I find this especially helpful for staying focused, but it can also be useful on Macs with small screens, like the Air and for minimalists.

I’ve been using MailTabs for a while now, but with the most recent update, I felt it was now a much stronger candidate for use. In previous versions, MailTabs looked like it had been grafted on, rather than a natural part of Mail. Furthermore, upon sending a message, the whole Mail window would disappear momentarily, then return to send the message. With this latest update (see the image above), it now looks natural in Mail, and sending messages doesn’t cause Mail to vanish from the screen. It also plays nicer with other Mail plugins, specifically Letterbox, MailHub, and MessageFont and has a preference pane in Mail’s preferences.

This is a beta program, so it may not be free forever, and there are bugs in the plugin, e.g. Mail tabs will remain the default gray color whether or not the Mail window is active, making it look awkward. There are a few things in the works right now, such as allowing you to pull off tabs from the window (in case you do want a new window), and the developer is working on an update for Lion. Also, since this is a Mail plugin, any updates to Mail or Snow Leopard may cause the plugin to be disabled. However, version 0.6 brings some great improvements to the plugin, which extends to Mail itself. UPDATE: The developer has informed me that if Mailtabs is disabled by an update, you can easily reenable the plugin by just reinstalling it.

This is a free download at If you like MailTabs, I recommend you donate to the developer; the donate button happens to be right next to the download button, you really can’t miss it. You can also subscribe to the developer’s Facebook page for more news and advice about the plugin.

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6 (or 7) Great Free Security Apps for Mac:

In this video, I show several of my favorite free security apps for your Mac. You can find them the links to them in the video description box on Youtube (either double click this video, or hit the big Youtube button on top of the page).

Originally I had planned for this to be the end of my Secure Your Mac series for awhile, but I doubt it will be. It looks like I’ll be looking out for this for a while. At least, though, I plan to get some more of my regular tips, tricks, and videos out.

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P.S. This is not the App of the Week post, if the title didn’t give it away.

How to force your Mac to update its malware definitions | Antivirus & Security | MacUser | Macworld

Follow this terminal command:

more /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/XProtect.meta.plist

If it isn’t up to date (as in today, or yesterday), go to Security under System Preferences, uncheck “Automatic updates, then immediately recheck the box.  Run the command again, and hopefully you should be up-to-date.

Read more here:  via How to force your Mac to update its malware definitions | Antivirus & Security | MacUser | Macworld.