Apple Quietly Releases 11.5.2 for “Bug Fixes”

Apple has pushed out an update today for Big Sur, bringing the version number to 11.5.2. However Apple has provided no further details at this time, with the patch notes only reading, “macOS 11.5.2 includes bug fixes for your Mac.” The Apple Security Updates page also does not currently show 11.5.2 on the page, so we don’t know if there are any security updates included in this. It’s possible Apple just hasn’t finished posting them yet, though it’s also possible there are further updates coming to iOS and iPadOS. If that’s the case Apple will likely post them all once all the updates are made public to limit bad actors from getting a leg up on vulnerable devices before they have a patch.

UPDATE: Apple has updated their security page to show 11.5.2 as the most recent version and says there are no security changes or patches in this update. It would be nice to know what some of these bug fixes are.

For the time being that’s all the info we have until Apple releases something or people have the chance to go through the code changes by hand. I’ll update this article if and when we learn more.

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