About EasyOSX

I’m into a lot of things, and tech is just one of them. I see so many people who love working with their computers but don’t know about better ways to use them, basic computer terms, or even that Internet Explorer is just one way to watch that viral video…the one with the squirrel…on a pogo stick.. So basically this little blog is my way of helping those who are computer illiterate, those that want to know what the news in tech means to them, and those who like to ask “What does this button do?”
Mac is my proficiency, but Windows will be here to, as well as some Linux. Other turorials may come as the comments and my whim see it so fit. Feel free to comment, subscribe, and ask questions. Just keep it clean.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m new to MAC and your blog. I looked for “davmail” in your blog. I found this to be a very interesting tool for those using mail, calenadar and contact mac tools, connecting to an exchange server.

    Interesting blog, especially for newcomers to OSX.

  2. Hallo,

    is it possible to post to you in German? My English is not well enough to communicate with you, but I need your informations. Thank you for answer.



  3. Thank you for your site. I wonder if you know how to burn CDs and DVDs on the Mac so they open directly in list view. Anthony Nichols 6/7/15

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