Android Web Marketplace..All Right!

Today Google announced that the Android Marketplace would now be accessible through the Internet, rather than just the app on Android devices. You can still download from the Marketplace app, or send the app directly to the Android device from your main computer

By going to the Marketplace website, you can easily see the app’s full description, screenshots, as well as Youtube videos about the app. It will even let you preview other user’s reviews and permissions need for the app before even hitting the download button.

Installing is a breeze. Clicking the install, or price button brings up the screen with permissions and then a second screen for purchase confirmation and credit card selector (if a paid app). You will need a Google/Gmail account registered to do this though. The app with then be beamed straight the the Android.

I may do a video on this, but I’m working on a couple other video ideas, and since this is so relatively easy, it’s not on the forefront of my list for videos. If you do have any ideas though, please feel free to comment, or pop me an email at Thanks!

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