New Mac Malware: Be Prepared

It has just been found that there is new malware for the Mac going around the Internet. The malware, called MACDefender, takes advantage of your web browser’s (like Safari) “open safe files automatically” feature, and pops up an installer. The malware looks like a legitimate Mac antivirus, but is really a scam. Once installed, it randomly directs your browser to pornographic sites, making you think you have a virus, and asks you to pay for them to fix it.

Disable this feature
Disable this feature

The malware is more of a scam than a hack or security hole, but nevertheless you should be on your guard. The malware hijacks common search terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to make itself a top result that you are more likely to click on.

To protect yourself, turn off automatic downloads in your browser, update any anti-virus software you may be running on your Mac, and don’t go to any strange websites.

If you have it installed or need want more information click this link to CNET:

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.