All 5 iLife apps have been updated

iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband ’11, as well as iWeb 3 and iDVD 7 (both iLife ’09 and ’11 apps) have been updated today.  They are relatively minor updates, so I won’t go over them.  iDVD and iWeb will update through Software Update.  iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband will need to update through the Mac App Store if you bought them there, but will update through Software Update if you bought it elsewhere (like on the physical discs).

Back from Pigeon Forge and .MOD files

This past weekend I was up at Pigeon Forge for a young adult conference, and I had a blast (Except for the papers I had to right, not cool English class). I really wanted to a bungie-jump, but that didn’t work out.

While I was there, I helped to make 2 different videos to present at the conference. The cameras that I used both natively imported into a file called .MOD. It’s kind of an annoying file type, but this time it was especially annoying because all I had was iMovie. I had normally been able to import them directly into a Adobe Premiere on a desktop at my work, but I couldn’t access it remotely and it wasn’t on my Mac. Worse, iMovie couldn’t import .MOD without me turning it into another file while losing a lot of quality…or could I?

I did some digging around and found a way to import .MOD files directly into iMovie. And now I get to share it with y’all. Here is the video on how to do so.

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