App of the Week: Lion Tweaks

Whenever a new OS comes out, there are always tweaks to it, usually making it more stylish, easier to use, etc.  Lion is no exception.  Lion provides things like new scrolling directions, a new designed Mail app, a dock that doesn’t show indicator lights, and more.  But, as there are new tweaks, there are those tweaks that we could do without.  For example, I personally like the old scrolling direction and seeing dock lights.  You can change both of these (and many other) usually by going into System Preferences (or occasionally the Terminal), but if you want to do it all in a single stroke, check out Lion Tweaks.

Lion Tweaks provides one-stop for almost of you Lion tweaking needs.  It allows not only for

Screenshot of Lion Tweaks

tweaks you would find in the System Preferences (such as scroll bars) but for some that you wouldn’t find in any preference file.  For example, it can change iCal and Address Book back into the traditional Aluminum/brush metal look rather than their wooden or leather looks respectively.  It can also do things like enable a 2D-dock, show you hidden files (including the Library folder), and Customize folder backgrounds in Launchpad.  It’s a really simple and free utility, though they do request donations.  If you want to tweak Lion a little, and you want an easy way to do it, check out Lion Tweaks.

Lion Tweaks is a free utility available only for Lion at  If you have any suggestions for apps to review, questions you’d like to ask, etc., send an email to, check me out on Twitter at @EasyOSX, or on Facebook (you can check it out also by hitting the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the top of the screen).  Thanks!