Turn Webpages into PDF’s from Your iPhone or iPad

If you’re ever looking at an article and want to convert it to a PDF to send to someone or save for yourself, there’s an easy way to do it on your iDevice introduced all the way back in iOS/iPadOS 14. This tutorial will be in Safari, but should work in pretty much any web browser.

First, open the website article you want to save. If you’re using one of the major browsers, it likely has a “Reader” mode that strips out a lot of periphery material (ads, recommended articles on the site, the site’s banner, etc.). I recommend activating this before doing the PDF conversion. Turning on Reader mode isn’t required, but it can help clean up the document and make the resulting PDF look better.

An article of mine in Safari on the iPad pointing to the Reader Mode icon in the URL bar.

Next Tap the Share button near the URL bar, then scroll down in the Share Sheet until you see “Markup”. Tap on this.

The webpage should reappear momentarily in the Markup window. You’ll know this is the case if you have pens and other writing utensils in a bubble at the bottom of the screen. You can use this to highlight, markup, and edit anything in the article before you save it.

Assuming you don’t need to edit anything, or that you’re done editing, you can now set where to save this PDF by hitting the Share button again in the top bar. If you’re on an iPhone, you may need to tap the dropdown arrow where you see the file’s name at the top left corner of your screen. You can then tap the “Save to Files” button, where you can navigate the through the built-in Files app to save your file. Alternatively if you have other cloud storage options, then they may have preloaded their own “Save to …” buttons, such as the “Save to Dropbox” button in the picture below.

The dropdown share menu in Markup mode where "Save to Files" and "Save to Dropbox" are show as examples.
The iPhone Markup view with a red arrow pointing to the name of the document in the top left corner where you'll find the Share button and the Save buttons.

Once you’re done saving your new PDF, tap the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen, where you’ll be asked one last time if you want to save the file or delete it. This will not delete any that you’ve save to the Files app or in your cloud storage provider, it will only delete this temporary version on your screen. And that’s it!

The Done button dropdown with the option to save the file or the delete the PDF.

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