Apple Update Roundup – Big Sur 11.6.4 and a Security Update for Catalina

It looks like Apple has issued another set of updates this time for its older OS’s, bringing Big Sur to 11.6.4 and Catalina the Security Update 2022-001. What’s unusual is the patch notes only say that they “improve the security” of Mac, but there are no patch notes on Apple’s Security site. Perhaps the CVE hasn’t been issued yet so Apple will update those details later, but they don’t appear to have anything to do with one of the recent security patches to 12.2 or 12.2.1 on Monterey Macs. If anything else changes, I’ll keep you posted.

What’s unusual lately is the number of quiet security patches Apple has had recently on its different platforms. While everyone would agree we want more secure systems, the number of either zero-day, quiet patches with few to no notes, on top of their other issues with either slowness to patch reported issues or properly crediting some researchers that find said vulnerabilities, Apple’s security reputation has taken a bit of a beating recently. Hopefully this is simply some missteps that Apple can clean up. Ultimately, it may mean Apple being a little less tight-lipped that it normally prefers to be.

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