Apple Announces Event for September 14 at 10 am Pacific Time

The Apple September 21 Event Announcement. A twilight mountain background with a white outlined Apple logo hovering over a lake.

We were suspecting it, but it’s finally official. Apple has announced they’ll be streaming an event on September 14 at 10 am Pacific Time.

Interestingly, the invite received has an AR component. When used with your iOS device, an Apple logo will float in the air, but will start playing music, and has the mountains and lake view as seen in the invite. You can view the full video from Patrick Holland on Twitter below.

We’re expecting to see the latest generation of iPhone, tentatively called the iPhone 13, as well as the Series 7 Watch. On the list of new possibilities are a new iPad and some rumors of seeing the M1X chip Mac Mini and even other M1X Macs. We can definitely expect release dates and gold masters for iOS/iPad OS 15, Watch OS 8, Mac OS Monterey, and the other Apple OS’s as well. And given the invite, we might expect to see some augmented reality related stuff as well.

Whatever is announced, I’ll work to keep you updated. Let us know below what you are most wanting to see.

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