Apple Announces “Spring Loaded” Event for April 20th

It started with a question to Siri, asking when the next Apple event would be, and Siri responded that it was going to be April 20th. Now we have a proper announcement from Apple, the “Spring Loaded” event for that same April 20th date.

What will be at the event? Of course Apple doesn’t say, but the 2 most likely things are revamped iPads, particular the Pros and Minis, and the long-rumored AirTags, a bluetooth-hardware tracker device ala Tile.

With the iPad Pros, the body designs aren’t expected to change that much, but the larger model is rumored to now ship with a Mini-LED display. We are also likely to expect an updated AZ chip with similar performance to the M1 in the newest MacBooks, better cameras, and perhaps better USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Some people are also hoping for a revamped Mini, which is still running the A12 and hasn’t seen any real changes for several years. Some rumors also put it at having a slightly larger screen, though I imagine any major jumps in screen size would only make it a more confusing pick compared to the iPad or iPad Air.

AirTags are the other big rumor for this announcement. These trackers have long been seen in the code for iOS in the betas and production versions, and would work like many hardware trackers to help you find things like keys, wallets, purses, etc. However they might contain Apple’s own Ultra-Wideband chip that would allow for finding them from farther away and could allow you to track and find them with greater accuracy, more than just following a speaker pinging from the little thing. With the recent announcement from Apple about new devices from third-parties being Find-My Compatible, this would seemingly bolster the rumor; device manufacturers could make their own stuff compatible with Apple’s API’s, and anything else you could stick an AirTag onto. Win-Win.

One last likely candidate for this announcement is a revamped Apple TV. These would likely come with some improved specs, but could also include a revamped for the existing, and divisive, Apple TV Remote (which means I’ll need a new video tutorial for that). Some have also noted that Apple could be making a new soundbar with tvOS in it, meaning you could have a great speaker with Apple TV built-in, but that soundbar could also act as a HomePod, letting you access Siri functionality without needing to turn on the TV.

Ultimately we won’t know what is being announced until the announcement itself, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted as news comes out.

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