WWDC 2021 Announced and Will Be Online Only!

Apple has announced the dates for WWDC this year, and it’ll be happening June 7-June 11th this year. It’ll be online only.

We’re expecting of course to see new versions of Mac OS, iOS, Watch OS, and more. While we aren’t currently expecting hardware announcements, it’s not unheard of for major hardware revisions, design changes, and brand new platforms to be announced at this time to get developers excited or ready. Some people are even hoping for some new products in the way of the long coded AirTag tracking devices or even the rumored AR glasses.

This latter rumor has been bolstered by Apple’s announcement image of the Memoji girl with glasses having the Jun 7 calendar date reflected in the glasses. however it’s worth noting that said Memoji is also looking at the Mac in a similar way to Craig Federighi looking at the M1 MacBooks that were shown off last year that made the meme rounds.

Regardless, this online only format is probably for the best while vaccination efforts are still rolling out.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to with WWDC this year? Let us know in the comments and on social!

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