Setting your Default Web Browser on Mac

If you’re making the switch over to a new browser, say to Firefox, Chrome, or something else, you’ll probably want to set your default browser.  This makes it so that links you click outside of the browser, such as in your messaging app, email, etc. open in that browser.  We’ve got a video above showing you how to do it, but here’s a written version if you want.

The easiest way typically is to open the browser of choice from your Applications folder.  Most browsers, if not set as the default will ask you if you want to change to the default.  If for some reason this doesn’t work, then there’s another way to set it in Mac.

First, open System Preferences from your Applications folder, or by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen, and clicking “System Preferences” in the drop-down menu.  Next go to the General section, typically located in one of the top 2 rows of your Mac.  When it opens, about halfway down the page will be a section that says “Default web browser: ” with a dropdown menu next to it showing your current default browser.  clicking on that dropdown will show you all the possible apps and browsers you have installed that can be set as your default browser.  Click the one you want, and then the menu will go away and show you the one you just clicked.

A view of the general page with a red arrow pointing to the default web browser option, which is below the scrollbar settings and above the window close settings.
A view of the general page

And there you have it.  You’ve now set your default browser.  Let us know in the comments what your preferred browser of choice is.

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