Where Have We Been?

It’s been several months since I’ve last posted, July 31st according to my last post.  While I’ve been still posting, especially to Twitter, the number of posts, articles, and other such fun stuff has dramatically declined.  So the question is, where have we been.

Just before the posting drought, if I may call it so, I announced the addition of Reagan to the team.  About that same time, however, he also began assisting with the campaign of his father into their state senate (note, his father won that election).  As such, he has been essentially out of commission as that campaign committee has kept him quite busy, and understandably so.  Reagan has not lost his enthusiasm, as he still love talking about tech and is hoping to set up a podcast soon. You can still follow his own tech blog at The Experiment.

As for myself, (Stuart), I have had other business.  Because I am a college student, and am now getting into my major courses (surprise, it’s programming and computer science) this has kept me exceptionally busy, not to mention my new relationship with my now girlfriend, and my addition of several jobs in the past few months.  My Macbook, while making a video on how to add a new hard drive, had it’s logic board die.  I also had to replace my own iPhone when the lock button failed. Needless to say the blog has unfortunately fell by the wayside, much to my dismay.  And the web stats seem to agree with me.

So where does that leave us and the website?  First, the website isn’t going down; I still am going to write on this website, and will bring in more writers in the future if it will benefit our readers and the website.  I want to double down and stick to a better writing schedule, bringing back even videos, App of the Week, and such.  The YouTube channel has grown dramatically while we’ve been away and I do not plan to abandon that.  While other events may force me to limit my writing again, hopefully this website will not experience the drought that it has had before.

If you wish to follow our writers, you can do that.  On Twitter, you can follow Reagan at:  @rwknopp, and you can follow me (Stuart) at @frenchstuart

We look forward to an exciting new year ahead of us.

Feel free to comment.

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