Enter iOS and a New Writer

A few months ago, I decided to make a site for iOS the same way I had for OS X.  This meant reviews of apps and new iOS devices, as well as the latest news about the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  This site kept getting pushed backed because of external issues.  Along the way, I came to the conclusion (pretty obvious for anyone who has paid attention to Apple over the last couple of years), that it was nigh on impossible to write news for the Mac without somehow dealing with iOS.  With the release of iCloud, Lion, and the upcoming Mountain Lion, this only proved the point.

So today I am announcing two big updates to the EasyOSX world.  First, iOS news and reviews will now be officially covered under EasyOSX along with all the Mac goodness you have come to know and love.  Mac and iOS are becoming increasingly integrated in the Apple world, and our site is now evolving to reflect that.

This brings me to my second announcement, which you could probably guess by the title.  To help me with all of this news, I am bringing on a new writer.  The former editor of Between Bytes, Reagan, will be heading up the iOS department of our site.  I have worked with him several times before and know that he will bring a great contribution to the community.  If you want to check out more about him, you can check out his blog at  http://theexperiment.calepin.co/

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