100 Posts and a Year Later

December 24, 2010: A young college student decided that he was going to begin writing about technology.  Specifically, he decided to start writing about Macs.  Macs were still fairly new to him compared to Windows, and at the time he didn’t even own a smartphone.  But he loved technology, he loved writing, and he wanted to share his knowledge with anyone who needed it, and at the same time grow in his own knowledge.  Now almost a year later, he’s learning to code, has the new iPhone 4S, a couple of jobs, and 100 posts on his tech blog (101 if you include this one).

Yeah, it’s hard for me to believe it’s already been a year since I started.  It seems like I have only just started, and I guess in the grand scheme of things I have.  Since that day I’ve branched out; iOS has taken on a growing role in my world, I have made great friends such as the guys at BetweenBytes, I’ve gotten a Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook Fan page now, and several other groups that have followed and supported me.  I’d like to thank these people and groups, and likewise my family and friends that have helped me along the way (this is beginning to seem like an award speech).  They encouraged me to write and to become better at it.  I’m humbled by the whole thing, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still experimenting with this.  But I love it.  I’d say that this blog also helped me to get a job working at my college’s computer lab, and from that I’ve grown into a better techie than before.

There have been times when it’s been slow going, when I had little to write about, or maybe just as little desire.  Sometimes I just didn’t get a chance to post because of other things.  But perhaps because of this blog I’ve grown not only as a techie, but as a writer, and a person.  For that, I thank all of my friends, family, followers, and supporters.  For that, I cannot thank you enough.

I don’t exactly have much to pay you all back, beyond what I already do now (I’m still a poor college student you know).  But I will have you all know that as far as I can see, I plan to continue this blog and the attached networks that go with it.  I also can tell you that I plan to make everything I do better quality, more insightful, and better to be a part of.

With that, I am pleased to announce that work has begun on a brand new app for the site.  When completed, you will be able to check read the latest news, reviews, tips, and tricks from EasyOSX.  You’ll also be able to watch my YouTube videos, and check out the latest from my Twitter and Facebook feed (sorry, Google+ is currently not supported).  You should be able to use it on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7 device.  Don’t have one of these device?  Well the app will be turned into a webpage that you can use on any mobile device with a modern mobile browser, such as Blackberry, Nokia phones, and more.  The app has yet to be released yet, but if you want to try it out, the mobile webpage is up for testing.  Just go to easyosx.mobapp.at.  From there you can bookmark it onto your phone or tablet’s home screen and use it like the app.

Be aware, this app is still being tested, so the look, pages, and other bits of the application may change over time.  Conduit is helping power the app of the moment, though as my coding knowledge expands, I may work on it independently.  In the meantime, please feel free to give me you thoughts, ideas, and anything else to contribute to this work.  And thanks again for your support.

UPDATE: Conduit is having some issue with my app, claiming third-party rights violation.  I’m working with Conduit to resolve this issue, and the testing app should be back up as soon as possible.

Feel free to comment.

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