App of the Week: BetterTouchTool

I don’t want to start another fan war, but if you’re completely honest, there are features from either Mac or Windows that you want in another OS.  For example, a lot of people like to have a Mac-like dock in Windows rather than the taskbar.  Using Windows 7, I came to like the AeroSnap feature, which allowed to to draga window to a part of the screen and it would automatically resize.  Drag a window to the top of the screen, and the window would maximize; drag that window to the left side of the screen and it would only fill up the left half of the screen.  You get the idea, in order to get all 0f this on Mac, you need a utility to do that.  My choice for that is BetterTouchTool.

BetterTouchTool provides you the ability to drag windows to the top to maximize them, as well as to the right or the left to fill up their respective halves of the screen.  But that’s not all BTT (short for BetterTouchTool) does; BTT has a lot of options for creating Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Keyboard, and regular mouse shortcuts, much more than Apple’s built in option provides.  I’ve got Trackpad shortcuts enabled for Spaces, reverse text deletion, and more.  You can also make any of the shortcuts universal, or for specific apps.  So say you could use four finger side swiping for app switching, but in an office app you could have that same gesture be used as a page up/down function.  You can make any number of combinations that you want.

BetterTouchTool is a free utility available at, and works for Leopard, Snow Leopard, and recently just updated with Lion compatibility.  If you want some more features, you can pay $1 to buy BetterSnapTool in the Mac App Store.


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