Final Cut Pro X and new Time Capsules

Today, Apple released its updated Final Cut Pro and its new Time Capsule.

Final Cut Pro (FCP for short) is Apple’s high end, pro-level movie editing software, which has gained traction as the go-to movie editors for filmmakers.  This new iteration has been completely rebuilt with a design similar its consumer level product, iMovie, and some of the features to match. For example, skimming and facial recognition have both been borrowed from iMovie ’11, but FCP has a few tricks of its own.  For one thing, it has been completely rebuilt to run on 64 bit architecture (which is what Snow Leopard and Lion both use), allowing it to use more use more RAM to run the application, a real boost for anyone who has used video editing software for a long time.  It is also able to process clips in the background as they are being imported or edited, speeding up work time, and much more.  There is a lot more to cover as the reviews start to come out, but you can read more about it at MacWorld’s website.

MacWorld is also reporting about the release of the new Time Capsule unit, Apple’s wireless base station and backup drive.  Using wireless or ethernet, the Time Capsule can act as the backup drive for your Mac via Time Machine (or theoretically any backup utility).  It has 1 Ethernet WAN and 3 Ethernet LAN ports (both 1 Gigabit connections) and supports 802.11 n, b, and g wireless.  It also has a USB port for printer or other attached devices.  The big news though is the storage size upgrade.  The lower of the 2 models is now 2 terabytes priced at $299, and now the higher model for $499 has 3 TB’s of storage, which not common to see in consumer level devices.  So those of you who store everything, or at least do a lot of media work, this new upgrade might be extra handy.  A terabyte is still a lot of data.  you can read more in this MacWorld article.

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