Suggestions for Free Student’s Software

Many up-and-coming college students get new computers before going off to school (I was no exception).  And many college students tend to get Macs when they don’t need Windows specific software (and if they do they may just use Boot Camp or virtualization).  But nobody should be surprised that after buying an expensive Mac, some people don’t want to spend more money on software unless their student really needs it.  What’s the solution?  How about free software?

I’m working on several articles designed to help students save money on free software for Mac.  I have several in mind, but I want suggestions.  If you have any suggestions, email me at or tweet me @EasyOSX on Twitter.  There are a few rules though.

Need to pinch some pennies? (Pic borrowed from
  1. The software must be legally free either by an open-source policy, the free offering of a developer, or a sale on a legitimate website.  Any illegal or seemingly suspicious suggestions will not be accepted.
  2. Software that is normally for a price, but is being given for free to students is completely acceptable, but give the link or directions on how a student could access it.
  3. The software must run on Snow Leopard or higher.  Software may be cross platform and/or backwards compatible, but if it doesn’t run on Mac OSX 10.6, I can’t consider it.

Also, try to make sure that the software fits into one of these categories:

  • Internet Browsing
  • Social & Communications (chatting, Twitter, email, etc.)
  • Notes & Office software
  • Media software (picture editors, includes players and conversion tools)
  • Field Specific software (designer software, engineering, etc.)
  • Utilities (e.g. backup)
  • Other (anything else that could fit here but didn’t get mentioned)
Feel free to let me know what free software you like to use.  I’ve got a couple apps in the works, but I’m interested in what you all like to use.  Thanks!

Feel free to comment.

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