Securing Safari and Firefox

Continuing in the Securing your Mac series, I look at what browser settings you should set and add-ons you should download for Safari and Firefox to make you more secure. Originally I was going to do Chrome and Opera as well as these two browsers in one video, but I decided against it (and now I’m glad I did). Fortunately this video turned out shorter than I thought (I think I’m getting better at this).

More will be coming soon. Thanks!

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  1. Great vid blog! One thing to add: I could not find “HTTPS-Everywhere” in the Add-On library. I had to get it from their site directly at:

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Almost all of the add-ons can be found in their browser’s official extensions page. But, especially with Firefox, you can run into apps that aren’t in those official marketplaces. Sorry about that, but thanks for the reminder. I’ll try to put an annotation in the video about that later.

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