The Power of Preview

Preview comes on every Mac and is the default PDF and simple photo viewer (when you only need to look at a few and don’t want to open iPhoto or Picasa). To most people, they leave it at that, not realizing it’s potential for basic picture editing, document annotations, and more. Interested? Check out the new video I made on the subject.

This was an article I had been thinking about doing for awhile, but only recently got around to (thank you summer break). Plus, I did in a different style format, just to experiment around. Let me know what you all think in the comments, in an email, or on Youtube. Also I’m thinking about (to my own amazement) getting on Twitter. I had always joked Twitter was for old people and celebrities, and at the moment I don’t believe I’m either. Would you follow me? Let me know that too. Thanks again for your support.

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