Games4Mac: Halo CE

I finally got another video done. This next iteration in the Games4Mac series is the classic Halo CE (demo). Why play a demo for a game? Well you can buy the original still if you want, but the key reason is getting to play a classic FPS (first person shooter) for free (legally) and getting a great online multiplayer experience. Can’t beat that can you?

More videos will be coming soon, you can see the current one below. It seems like the site is growing. Whether or not this is because people like this or I’m somehow part of a content farm without my knowledge is still a mystery. If you like what I do and your not a bot, feel free to send me an email at, check out my youtube page at, and/or leave a comment. If you do all three you either really like me or your a creeper.


UPDATE: Because Halo CE Demo is a PowerPC app, there is no way for it to run on Mac OSX Lion because Lion doesn’t support Power PC apps.


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