App of the Week: Store News

What’s up?

My schedule is quickly clearing up and new videos should be coming out very soon. In the meantime, to make up for for my seeming lack of activity, I’ve decided to start posting a new series. This should remain a typed-up series, but it may become a video on some weeks depending on the app.

This week the app is called “Store News”. Store News is a Mac app for the Mac App Store. Just like any other store, the App Store has deals from free apps to great discounts. The only problem is that Apple doesn’t publish these deal on a regular basis. That’s where Store News comes in.

Screenshot of Store News

Store News updates its feed every 30 minutes to find the latest deals in the Mac App Store. It finds all the apps that are free or discounted, and shows you the app’s name, category, former price, the deal price, and the percent you’re saving. You can organize the apps found by price, discounts, category, and app name, or simply separate the free apps from the paid ones.

The icon blends in nicely with the style of the Mac App Store & iTunes icons, though I can’t say much for the purple color, but that’s just me. The only other complaint about the app is that you can click on the app’s name to find out more about the app, but it takes you to the App Store’s webpage for the app and not into the App Store directly. Considering some of the nice deals I’ve been able to get though, especially on games, I can live with this little nuisance.

The app is available for free in the Mac App Store, follow them on Twitter, or you can follow the link to their webpage here:

If you’ve got an app you’d like to suggest, you want me to review, just post a comment or shoot me an email at You can also find my Youtube channel at New videos should be coming soon.

And Happy April Fool’s Day! (This post is by no means an April Fool’s joke.)

Feel free to comment.

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