Too much of a good thing? Facebook/Android phone

Recently announced on TechCrunch was a new Android phone with tight Facebook integration. This allows your to keep in close touch with your Facebook friends, Chat, and even integrate your Facebook contacts & calendar (a.k.a. events and your friend’s birthdays) with your Android calendar and subsequently your Google calendar.

This kind of reminds me of Flock or Rockmelt integration with Google’s Chromium.

Certainly for socialphiles this is a great thing, even better if you love Android. At the moment it even comes with Spotify built in directly as your media player, except in North America where the default player is still in effect (it should release in the U.S.A after arriving in the U.K. and other nations). While I certainly love my phone, and don’t mind keeping some track of it with a phone app, widget, or with the Flock browser, but I wonder if this is a little much. While I do like the idea of Spotify integration over the default player (doubleTwist would be a good option as well), it just seems a little much to me.

Here is the TechCrunch link so you can see the video for yourself. Comment on what you think, or send this around and get a conversation started.

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