The Lion Cub is released, along with new Macbook Pros

Today, Apple released 2 Mac announcements.

1: Mac OS 10.7, a.k.a. Lion, had a developers release (I call it a lion cub, but maybe I should save that for the alpha and beta, oh well). This means that those non-Apple developers will begin to make their programs, like Firefox, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, etc., for the new version.
Lion has a lot of great features going for it including: Full screen apps, a new control module (imagine expose and spaces combined) called Launchpad, the new version of Mail, autosave has been built in to Mac, Resume (restarting your Mac will bring up everything where you left off, and more. To see the full details of the changes, click on this link:

2: The other big news today was the announcement of the new Macbook Pros. Here are the big changes:
-All Macbook Pros are getting HD webcams, as well as the Facetime app built in, so you can make video calls between your Mac and an iPhone 4+, iPod Touch, and/or Mac (with Facetime built in).
-All MB Pros are also getting the new Intel Sandy Bridge chipset, which means faster speeds, more power, and some dedicated graphic power.
-13 inch MB Pros are getting getting the Intel i5 and i7 (faster and more powerful), but no dedicated graphics card by Nvidia or AMD (the Intel chips have it built in).
-15 & 17 inch MB Pros are getting AMD Radeon graphics cards, rather than Nvidia ones (personally I prefer Nvidia, but that’s just me. The new cards are still pretty sweet).
Go to the Apple Website HERE for more details.

I’m still working on the videos here. They’ll be up eventually.


(Hopefully) Coming soon…

I apologize for not having done anything in over a week, things have been really crazy over here.  Papers, meetings, tutoring other people, etc. Have all kept me occupied. 

But fear not, I’m still working to bring everyone more tips and tricks (did that sound kind of arrogant of me?).  To give you an idea of some of what’s down the pipe, here are a few hints:

The hidden power of an default Mac app,

A new Games4Mac video,

Keyboard tricks you’ve probably never heard of,

Installing Mac apps, & more!

Thanks for being patient and I hope to get a video out soon, next week if not this one.


Too much of a good thing? Facebook/Android phone

Recently announced on TechCrunch was a new Android phone with tight Facebook integration. This allows your to keep in close touch with your Facebook friends, Chat, and even integrate your Facebook contacts & calendar (a.k.a. events and your friend’s birthdays) with your Android calendar and subsequently your Google calendar.

This kind of reminds me of Flock or Rockmelt integration with Google’s Chromium.

Certainly for socialphiles this is a great thing, even better if you love Android. At the moment it even comes with Spotify built in directly as your media player, except in North America where the default player is still in effect (it should release in the U.S.A after arriving in the U.K. and other nations). While I certainly love my phone, and don’t mind keeping some track of it with a phone app, widget, or with the Flock browser, but I wonder if this is a little much. While I do like the idea of Spotify integration over the default player (doubleTwist would be a good option as well), it just seems a little much to me.

Here is the TechCrunch link so you can see the video for yourself. Comment on what you think, or send this around and get a conversation started.

Back from Pigeon Forge and .MOD files

This past weekend I was up at Pigeon Forge for a young adult conference, and I had a blast (Except for the papers I had to right, not cool English class). I really wanted to a bungie-jump, but that didn’t work out.

While I was there, I helped to make 2 different videos to present at the conference. The cameras that I used both natively imported into a file called .MOD. It’s kind of an annoying file type, but this time it was especially annoying because all I had was iMovie. I had normally been able to import them directly into a Adobe Premiere on a desktop at my work, but I couldn’t access it remotely and it wasn’t on my Mac. Worse, iMovie couldn’t import .MOD without me turning it into another file while losing a lot of quality…or could I?

I did some digging around and found a way to import .MOD files directly into iMovie. And now I get to share it with y’all. Here is the video on how to do so.

Thanks! Remember to send you questions to me at

Android Web Marketplace..All Right!

Today Google announced that the Android Marketplace would now be accessible through the Internet, rather than just the app on Android devices. You can still download from the Marketplace app, or send the app directly to the Android device from your main computer

By going to the Marketplace website, you can easily see the app’s full description, screenshots, as well as Youtube videos about the app. It will even let you preview other user’s reviews and permissions need for the app before even hitting the download button.

Installing is a breeze. Clicking the install, or price button brings up the screen with permissions and then a second screen for purchase confirmation and credit card selector (if a paid app). You will need a Google/Gmail account registered to do this though. The app with then be beamed straight the the Android.

I may do a video on this, but I’m working on a couple other video ideas, and since this is so relatively easy, it’s not on the forefront of my list for videos. If you do have any ideas though, please feel free to comment, or pop me an email at Thanks!